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“Melanie and Danielle have been a great addition to our team over the past few years. When we meet, the ideas really start flowing and together we have been able to develop some really great ideas for PR and our marketing plan as a whole. They have done research for our brand, developed surveys to help add to a story and have gotten us some really great coverage. We truly enjoy working with them and are excited to continue working with them in the future!” 

– Jon Liney, Golden Asp

“When we were moving storefronts, we started working with Melanie and Danielle to develop a three month long campaign to promote our move and new menu options. Their team did an awesome job at letting local Philadelphia publications know of our exciting changes and in addition provided us with some great new ideas for our business as a whole. As the summer long campaign was winding down, the city was preparing for the Pope’s visit. Melanie and Danielle were able to develop a really cool idea of how to let the media and visitors to the city know that we would be open during this busy and exciting time. With the creation of the Pope Pop (a holy-themed cake pop) and a great pitch, the girls got to work getting us coverage in some of the top publications in the city. We have enjoyed working with them and look forward to new projects in the future!”

– Frank Pantazopoulos, Tiffany’s Bakery Philadelphia