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Born in a digital marketing agency, we know that there is much more to a piece of content than the exposure. That is where our concept- taking your press beyond the page- came from. Our goals are not just to build brand awareness and exposure, but to pair traditional PR tactics with a digital strategy that will target the right people, grow audiences, generate sales, and increase clients ROI (return on investment).

With our digital backgrounds, we are able to provide clients with data they can use to enhance their overall marketing strategy. We first set out to create great pieces of content and tell stories for placement in the media, but we do not end our efforts there. The links we receive from reputable sources benefit brand awareness and add to the organic search value simultaneously, and we can take them a step further! Through analytics, we can provide clients with a variety of information to make them more knowledgeable about their audience including:

  • How many people visit their site through the link in the media placement (referral)
  • What pages on the site they view next
  • How many visitors from referral links convert to sales
  • Visits from referral links posted on social media
  • Remarket to new audiences who visit their site through these referrals

The end goal of any PR campaign is to leverage each of your digital channels in order to help your overall marketing plan.

To see how PR and digital can successfully work together, check out an example here.