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Modern Wealth Concepts: Power of Personality with Lauren Simmons



In July 2018, Jen Montague, Executive Director of the leadership development organization Modern Wealth Concepts Executive Services Group (MWC), heard about Lauren Simmons, the youngest and only full-time female trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. As a woman running a minority-owned business, Jen viewed Lauren’s accomplishments as representative of her company’s mission – to help professionals execute their aspirations, navigate challenging career changes, and manage their lives in a more effective way. Due to this connection, Jen wanted to invite Lauren to Philadelphia and host an event in her honor.


To help educate and inspire local businesspeople, students, and millennials, 4M planned an event where Lauren, as well as a panel of other diverse business professionals, would be able to share their backgrounds and talk about how self-leadership and determination helped them achieve their goals. The format of the event consisted of a keynote speech and Q&A with Lauren, followed by the panel discussion moderated by former NBC10 reporter Aundrea Cline Thomas.

The event took place in Center City, so attendees could stop by after work or class and enjoy an evening of cocktails, riveting conversation, and networking.

To build awareness and generate interest in the event, 4M reached out to local newspapers and news stations with a pitch focused on Lauren’s career accomplishments, tying her achievements back to Jen’s passion for empowering diversity, millennials, and women in business. 4M invited reporters to the event and gave them the opportunity to interview Lauren, Jen, and the founder of Modern Wealth Concepts LLC, Keith Donnell.


Through pitching efforts, 4M was able to secure a 3-minute segment on NBC10 News at 11 where Jen promoted the event and talked about the mission of MWC. Additionally, a story was placed on the Philadelphia Tribune’s website and 4M posted the event details to various online calendars and community boards.

After the event, 4M secured the front-page cover of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Sunday Business section, which also ran on 4M landed another feature story in the Philadelphia Tribune and had an article run on the Jewish News Syndicate network.

Ultimately, the coverage 4M secured helped to drive ticket sales (the event was sold out!) and established MWC as a platform for minorities, millennials, and women in business. With over 35 million media impressions, 4M Communication was able to pave the way for MWC’s speaker series “Monologues with Conversations.”