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5 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

September 12th, 2019 Public Relations Tools

As the weather begins to cool down, we often find ourselves busier than ever. Our team agrees that fall is when our schedules kick into overdrive, and we try to make sure we are as organized as possible. Here at 4M, we value the saying, “work smarter, not harder.” That’s why we love discovering new apps and programs that help us stay on top of our tasks. Here’s a roundup of a few of our favorite apps that help us stay organized and maximize our productivity. 


Trello is a project management app available for your desktop or phone that allows you to create “boards” and “cards” for your tasks. Boards represent the overall project you’re working on, such as a grocery list or work tasks. Cards go under the boards representing your actual to-do list like “buy cereal” or “call Joe for a work meeting.”

With Trello, you can break each project down into different columns such as “working on” and “done” so that you know the status of your to-do list. You can also assign labels and colors to tasks based on levels of priority or completion. Plus, you can share your board with others if the project involves multiple parties. Trello takes the simplicity of a to-do list to another level of organization, and we are here for all the colors and checklists! 


Slack is an app that is taking over companies by storm because of its proven productivity boost. It allows you to message colleagues quickly, create different channels for projects, departments, clients, etc., and keep all of your documents, information, links, and messages in one spot – easily accessible for everyone on your team! Here at 4M and our sister company SEOM Interactive, we have channels for PR, Content, Social Media, Office News, and even Bachelor Nation and Bravoholics. We believe in keeping up with our work AND pop culture. is a calendar app like you have never seen before. It’s available on mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, and even your watch. The app allows users to customize their calendars with to-do lists, grocery lists, reminders, and daily agendas. The app also has a voice-entry feature so you can add items to your list just by speaking into your smart device. Each section of the app is integrated, allowing you to enhance your productivity and keep your days organized with ease.

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage service. This app keeps all of your documents, pictures, spreadsheets, and notes in one place. The program also allows you to upload and download files with ease and share your files and projects with coworkers and clients. It is a great way to collaborate on projects as each person has access to make edits, add notes, and share their thoughts in a working document. Our team has a separate folder for each client, and we love having quick and easy access to all of our collaborative projects.


Evernote is a premium note-taking service that is extremely user-friendly, giving users the ability to upload notes, pictures, audio, and videos. In Evernote, you can organize your notes into cloud notebooks that can then be synced to all of your different devices. Evernote presents all of your data in one easy-to-navigate digital workspace and simplifies task management.

You can often find the 4M communication team writing in our planners, scribbling quick tasks on our notepads, or utilizing one of these amazing apps. We love to stay organized and hope our roundup of tools will help you to check a few more things off your to-do list!