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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care

September 17th, 2018 Office Life

September is National Self-Improvement Month! Self-care plays a large role in our self-improvement. Since most of us lead busy lives, we often don’t stop to give ourselves the time and attention we really need to be the best version of ourselves.

Sometimes self-care is easier said than done, but there are a few timeless tricks that can get you through in a pinch like learning meditation or practicing deep breathing exercises. Here are a few quick tips on how we practice self-care and relieve stress both at the office and at home.

Take a walk.
“I like taking a walk after lunch to help me to decompress. It gets me out of the office, breathing fresh air and is a good way to get some midday exercise!” ― Danielle Forte, Public Relations Specialist

Check Buzzfeed or read a book.
“I love checking BuzzFeed for a mental break. Listicles are a quick and easy way for me to stay up to date on current events, find new recipes, and a good meme or two.” ― Lauren Anderson, Director of Content Strategy

“There are a few things I do at home to relieve stress like clean, take a bath, or read. Give me a mystery book with ‘Girl’ or ‘Woman’ in the title and I’m set.” ― Danielle Forte, Public Relations Specialist

“Organizing allows me to take my mind off of things. Whether it’s categorizing my book collection or color coding my closet, finding a place for everything centers my ch’i.” ― Lauren Anderson, Director of Content Strategy

Listen to your favorite tunes.
“One of my stress relievers at work is to listen to music. At home, I like to have a dance party with my daughter Peyton, jump on the treadmill with some good music, or go for a run in the park with my dog Chance!” ― Melanie Rickus, Public Relation Specialist

Watch mind-numbing reality television.
“I love to grab a glass of wine and turn on some (trash) reality television like the Real Housewives of Orange County to get my mind off of things.” ― Marisa Blackwell, Public Relations Associate

We get it. Life, relationships, work, and everyday hassles leave us with little to no free time, but stealing at least one moment a day for some TLC is important for your mind and body. Do something for yourself today!