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6 Tips for Spring Cleaning in the Office

March 12th, 2019 Office Life

Once spring rolls around, you may feel the need to roll up your sleeves and get organized. Whether it’s sorting your closet or finally scrubbing the floors, springtime is motivation. It’s not just our homes that can use sprucing up – our offices can use the extra love, too.

Here are 6 tips for spring cleaning in the office:

Declutter your desk. If we’re not in a meeting or visiting a coworker in another office, we spend most of the day at our desks. A clean surface with minimal decorations is important for productivity. Do you have a pile of papers cluttering your desk? Toss what you can and file the rest away. Do you have pens and supplies scattered around? Throw them all in a decorative cup holder. Yes, having personal items on your desk can be a mood booster, but don’t overdo it so that these items become a distraction.

Delete old emails and files. Aren’t we all guilty of hoarding files and emails that could most likely be deleted? Start combing through your drive and decide which files are must-keeps and which can be sent to the Recycle Bin. Old client emails? Google alerts? Something you “might need later?” Hit delete and don’t look back.

Revamp a common space. Look around your common meeting areas. Is the décor outdated? Think about redoing the space. You could paint a wall, add a mural, or it could also be something as simple as hanging up new wall art. If you’re stuck on ideas, think about recent awards or press coverage your company has received. Display those successes in your common areas.

Recycle. Earth Day may not be until April, but it’s never too early to start eco-friendly initiatives in the office. If you’re not already recycling, this is a simple way to make a good contribution, not only to the office but to the planet. Every office goes through a ton of paper and plasticware. Make sure you’re recycling those items and not just tossing them in the regular garbage can.

Organize your drawers. After you’ve decluttered your desk, your filing cabinet or desk drawers are next. Important documents should be saved but if possible, turn notes into digital copies. If your drawers are somewhere you store personal belongings or snacks, make sure nothing is expired or at the end of its shelf-life. Try hanging folder dividers if you have piles of paper stacked inside. You can even use drawer dividers if you want to really compartmentalize what you keep in there.

Go through your work bag. Your work bag travels with you from home to the office and back again. While you’re cleaning out everything else, dump out your work bag. Loose change, gum wrappers, and other miscellaneous items are probably hanging out at the bottom of it. Get rid of everything in there that no longer serves a purpose. Make sure you have essential items like business cards, a pen, and a notebook. You never know when inspiration for your next idea may strike!

Use the arrival of spring to refresh your workspace and get organized. Happy cleaning!