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Chronicles From Home – Healthy Living

May 14th, 2020 Uncategorized

Well, here we are, two months of working from home and social distancing from everyone and everything. We are also just a few short weeks away from the summer and you know what that would have meant for us 4M girls, workouts and healthy choices to prepare for the warmer weather. However, being home hasn’t stopped us from living our healthiest lives and since it is Women’s Health Week, we wanted to share what we have been doing to stay healthy at home!


  • The Peloton App. My parents bought a bike at the start of the New Year and I loved going over there and taking a ride. Since the Stay at Home orders started, I had to put away the bike shoes and turn to the Peloton app and I love it. From treadmill and outdoor runs to boot camps, yoga, cardio, and strength training, there is something for everyone. The best part about the app is the instructors, they are inspiring and motivating and while you may be working out alone in your basement, you feel like you are getting an amazing workout from your own personal trainer. I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs a boost both mentally and physically!
  • Family Walks. Most days I am stuck inside with my daughters, Peyton and Teagan, who are 1 and 2 years old and our dog, Chance. We love to go for family walks around our little neighborhood while maintaining the social distance guidelines. We recently got a wagon and our girls love to pack snacks to bring on our trip. We have loved this fun family activity and it has been a great way to get those extra steps in.
  • Meal Prepping. It would be easy for me to eat the leftover grilled cheese my kids left behind or snack on goldfish crackers and veggie straws all day but I know I need to fuel my body the right way. When I was going into the office, I would use my weekend to prep meals for the week ahead. While my meals haven’t been as pretty now that I am home, I am still making sure to prep meals and snacks for the week ahead as well as make a dinner menu to stay on track. We aim to cook 4-5 nights a week and then support our local restaurants on the weekends. This schedule has been helpful to our whole family to make good decisions and has helped us stick to healthy choices. 


  • Virtual workouts. Before we were ordered to stay at home, I started every morning with a YouTube workout, so my schedule hasn’t actually changed in that regard. Some of my favorite channels are SaraBeth Yoga, POPSUGAR Fitness, and Chloe Ting. One thing that has changed is that I’m able to workout with one of my friends, who is a fitness instructor and personal trainer in Los Angeles. Every Saturday, I join his Zoom class and sweat for 45 minutes with people all over the country. Check out his Instagram — @vinniesalemnofitness
  • Healthy snacking. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or Reese’s cup when I’m hungry during the workday, I’ve found myself gravitating more towards hummus and veggies and fruit. I am still satisfying my salt and sweet cravings but with healthier options!
  • Seven hours of sleep. Without any pressure to make it into the office by a certain time, I can sleep in a little later and get a full seven hours of sleep every single night. I still try to go to bed around the same time, but scrolling through TikToks and watching Quibis sometimes gets the best of me. 


  • Communicating with friends and family. A huge piece of staying healthy is your mental health, and for me, the best way to keep my mental health in line is to communicate daily with my friends and family. Some days this means sending a simple Snapchat (or text) letting them know I miss them. Other days, it’s having a FaceTime (or Zoom) call to maintain the relationship. 
  • Work out every morning. I try to stick to the workouts I used to do at the gym — just without the machines! I still maintain my regiment of alternating workouts between arms, legs, abs, etc. Now that I no longer have weights to lift, I’ve started doing more reps of my same exercises.
  • Walks with my dog. I’m a really active person, so taking time out of my day to walk my dog has been helping me feel “normal.” I admit, pre-quarantine, I did not take my dog for as many walks as I should’ve and instead did my cardio at the gym, but not anymore. I have begun going on long walks with my dog to fulfill my daily two-mile cardio workout. 

We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy!