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How It All Started

February 27th, 2017 Uncategorized

Once upon a time, about three years ago, I walked into a small office in Warminster, PA for an interview at an internet marketing company. They were looking to hire someone who would essentially be the leader of the public relations department. PR was a new venture they wanted to get into and less than a week later, I started my first day as SEOM’s “PR Department.” Seriously, my business card at the time said “The PR Department.”

My main goal at that time was to come up with fresh PR opportunities for our already existing clients as a way to get their names and brands out in the media and in front of their target audiences. I spent my days writing press releases about small events, pitching mommy blogs and local papers about company products and searching to see if there were any already existing opportunities for our clients. Well, over the course of three years, a lot has changed.

The need for PR at SEOM became more than just supporting our clients with a press release here and there, but taking them through full campaigns and getting coverage in the top local and national media outlets. So, here we are now! But why the new company, you ask?

We didn’t up and leave SEOM. (Why would we? They’re awesome.) Rather, we felt that as PR professionals, we needed our own brand and name to really take off running in the competitive world of public relations. One day, at our extra large conference table, Danielle, our fearless leader, Mark Kennedy, and I pulled our brain power together and developed the plan for 4M Communication. And here we are today! Excited and ready to take on the PR world and help our clients tell their stories and share their goals and mission. This is just the beginning…