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SEO In the Know for the PR Pro

February 15th, 2019 Digital

On Valentine’s Day, the 4M team headed to SEER Interactive for the PPRA “SEO: In the Know” program. Lauren Zumpano, VP of our sister company SEOM Interactive, was one of the panelists. After reviewing the basics of SEO, the panel talked about the love story between SEO & PR. The presentation ended with a live demo showing PR pros how they can utilize Google Analytics and Google Search Console – two free tools – in their practices.

Here were some of the main takeaways on why SEO & PR are a match made in digital heaven:

  1. Relevancy, quality, authority. Three qualities that are important in any SEO or PR strategy. Google wants to make sure your website is relevant to what people are searching for, the information on the site is good quality, and that you are authoritative in the space. The same goes for any PR strategy.
  2. Create original content. Use query questions to answer the information people are searching for. Go even further and conduct research or surveys, then use that data to create an easily digestible asset. Think infographics, charts, and graphics.
  3. It’s more than links. To an SEO Specialist, a link is EVERYTHING. A backlink from a highly authoritative site is one of the factors Google looks at when choosing how to rank sites in the search engine. To a PR pro, a link is great but it’s not the end all be all. One mention from a highly authoritative site helps to create brand awareness and establish credibility. For both the SEO and PR pro, establishing relationships with topical sites – ones that fit into your client’s niche – also helps reach targeted audiences. Quality over quantity is the key.

Relevancy, quality, authority, content, and links are the bonds that an SEO and PR pro share. Each professional could benefit from learning the basics of the other to enhance their client relationships and strategies.

For the PR pro looking to learn a little more about SEO, here are some great resources provided by the PPRA panel: