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Tales from a 4M Communication Intern

April 24th, 2017 Uncategorized

It is our intern, Anthony’s, last week here with us and he wanted to share his thoughts on what it was like to be an intern at 4M Communication. We are sad to see you go, but wish you all the luck in your future endeavors! 

Interning at 4M Communication has been quite a unique experience. After my past internships, I had a pretty good idea  of how this would go and I couldn’t have been more wrong. 4M Communication has exposed me to so much and has really given me the ideal internship for any student in the public relations field.

On my first day, I quickly learned that the staff here was extremely welcoming and very helpful if I had any questions, but this was expected being a new face in the office. What took me for surprise was the close, tight-knit feeling you get as you enter each of the various office spaces. Unlike most organizations, the staff here made me feel like I was actually a part of the team and not just an intern thrown in the corner waiting to fulfill coffee orders or clean out a storage closet. This closeness was complemented with a very hands-on approach to learning more about the world of public relations and how it all functions.

Since the beginning, I have been exposed to many different assignments including drafting press releases, writing content for a client’s website, and even attending some brain- storming sessions to come up with new ideas for campaigns. Melanie and Danielle have taken the knowledge that they have gained over the years and shared with me the ins-and-outs of this always changing field. Because of these two, I was able to expand what I initially thought I knew about public relations and apply this new knowledge directly to various campaigns. This experience has been the key factor in showing me that their is much more to learn in the communications field but also reassured me that I was in good hands.

The most unique aspect of this whole experience was being able to be apart of the development of 4M Communication as a company. This process has provided me with knowledge on how a small business gets started and organized, so that it can grow and operate successfully in the future. From learning the basics of entrepreneurship to how websites are created and maintained, I learned so many things I never thought I’d ever need to know in my job field.

The valuable experience gained here at 4M couldn’t be replaced by any other company or organization. The unique environment has definitely changed my outlook on the workplace, as well as set me up with the tools I will need to be a successful professional in the public relations field. The family-like bond among the people here has taught me lessons and skills that no textbook or classroom would be able to.