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Live on The Q: 4M’s Trip to Fox29

May 15th, 2017 Uncategorized

It was a cold and rainy Friday morning when the 4M team headed into the city for a fun and exciting event with the Philadelphia Public Relations Association (PPRA). We showed up to Fox 29 bright and early to watch a live taping of The Q, hosted by Philly’s own Quincy Harris! Our group was seated in the Lundy Law Loft which gave us a full view of the entire audience as well as the set to see how the show operates.

We were seated ten minutes before show time and were entertained by the guests below who were being pumped up by the hype man and the shows DJ, DJ Malc. The guests were ready to party and after a couple trips down the soul train line, the show was ready to get underway.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and we were live! Host Quincy Harris and producer Meredith Eells “South Philly Meredith”  talked about their lives, plans, things happening in and around Philly and met with special guests. The taping we went to included special guest Kangol Kid from the old school hip hop group UTFO accompanied by his wife, Tajiri, to talk about their appearance on the reality show, We are the Joneses. During the half hour long taping, we were able to see it all… commercial breaks, improvs by Q, interactions with the audience, and producers and staff moving about the set.  

At the conclusion of the taping, we were able to have a meet and greet Q&A session with Q, Meredith and DJ Malc Geez, where we were able to ask them questions about how the show operates and how we could possibly book guests for upcoming shows. All three were extremely nice and helpful giving us PR professionals great tips on how to effectively pitch broadcast TV outlets. It was a fun afternoon and we are grateful to be members of PPRA so that we can attend these kind of events to gain fresh new ideas for our clients. Who knows which client of ours you may see on TV in the near future!