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Tales from a 4M Communication Intern

August 28th, 2019 Our Team

Lauren Farley is a current intern at 4M Communication and a junior majoring in Marketing at Temple University.

Interning here has been such a blessing for me and truly eye-opening. I first started interning at SEOM Interactive (our full-service digital marketing agency) in 2017, but this summer, I took the jump to join 4M Communication.

Switching over to 4M has been such a great choice for me. Because they’re a part of SEOM, I was able to continue working on the SEO side, but also get a first-hand look at what happens in the public relations field. Working in multiple departments has been beneficial because it will help me hone in on what I want to do once I graduate.

Since being here, it has felt like more than an internship – it feels like home. Danielle and Melanie have been so welcoming to me and really make me feel like I belong. Not only that, but I am not just learning from a distance about the work that goes into PR, they let me work with them hands-on. Throughout this summer, I have written several blog posts and service pages for clients, drafted up media lists, sent out a few pitches, and much more.

Danielle and Melanie give me direction and then let me branch off and produce my own creative content, allowing me to develop and grow for my future. At both 4M and SEOM, I don’t feel like just another employee, I feel valued and wanted. They make it clear that they want you around.

From this internship, I have learned how to help small businesses in ways I never even thought of before. I’ve learned the importance of the little things that go into a website and how to develop better writing skills – which is something every person should know.

Now, I can take what I’ve learned and flourish in my job field. This company is unlike any other that I have worked with, and I’ll never forget what I learned here. Having people who genuinely care and give you the tools to become a successful businesswoman is something I could never replace. 4M has become my family, and I could not thank them enough for this experience.